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Frequently Asked Questions?

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Table of Contents

  1. How do I pick just the right color ?
  2. Where can I find a full service artist ?
  3. Why doesn't the paint store do the color matching for me?
  4. Who is Deco Diva anyway?
  5. What is a color consultation?
  6. When is the best time to use an artist?

How do I pick just the right color... ?



That's an easy one. I have been studying colors my whole life. Sometimes it's as simple as choosing colors from a favorite inspiration piece such as your bed coverings and /or drapes or any fabric item or decorative piece that you particularly love.


Even analyzing the colors that you like to wear along with what jewelry and accessories you prefer can be an inspiration to personalize rooms and choose just the right colors.   

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Where can I find a full service artist ?



Starting right here at Deco Diva's is the best answer I have. I'm not 'pushy' and respect the desires of my clients.  I try to fulfill my customer's needs as professionally and as creatively as possible by drawing on all of my many years of design experience.

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Why doesn't the paint store do the color matching for me?



Paint stores will do the best they can to simply scan or eyeball your color and they will mix whatever you choose. I have been known to "tweak" existing paint choices already purchased by the customer by mixing in other colors to save the customer the added expense of having to buy another new color.  Colors can be tricky.  Let me help you pick out the correct color to begin with to help avoid costly mistakes.



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Who is Deco Diva anyway ?



Deco Diva is a well trained, experienced artist just trying to give to the public what they have needed for a long time. Most artists are either "starving or doing velvet Elvis paintings", while Glenda has been learning new skills and adapting to the changing times.

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What is a color consultation?



A color consultation is pretty much self explanatory. Glenda comes to you, looks at the desired project, discusses with you your likes and dislikes and determines what colors will work and why. Sometimes that may be all you need from her, hopefully you will like her ideas and want to further utilize her talents.   

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When is the best time to use an artist?


The absolute best time is before you have gone too far on your own! At the beginning of any project is best.

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